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Fundraising is a main component of the Clear Brook Celebrities Booster Club. Each team member is expected to support her team by participating in all of the planned fundraisers. Fundraiser specifics will be available at monthly Booster Club meetings and on this website.  Please also watch for forms and information to come home with your daughters.

•  The district provides only field uniforms to the team. All costumes, props, competition fees, events and performance expenses are funded through the Booster Club.
•  Fundraising is used in lieu of adding another $800-$900 in fees per family.
•  Fundraising will only work if everyone does their part.

Payments made by

This is the step-by-step process if you are buying online for a fundraiser:
1. If there is a required form to be filled out for the fundraiser, please fill out what you want, how many, the total owed, *what Celebrity member you are buying through" (this is mandatory).
2. Then proceed to PayPal (THIS LINK), and pay for your order here. Make sure you label your payment on PayPal so we know what fundraiser you are paying for. IMPORTANT FOR ONLNE PAYMENTS ONLY. There is a 3% PayPal fee added to charges. EXAMPLE: total x .03= N then total + N= grand total for PayPal.

Payments made by

Fundraiser payments by CELEBRITY PARENTS must be made no later than the designated due dates one of 2 ways.
1. White Box: Check or cash in an envelope CLEARLY marked who the payment is from and what it is for. Payments must either go directly into white payment box in the dance room OR given to the Treasurer during a booster club meeting only.  i.e.  Do not hand payments to our Treasurer any time other than during a meeting.
2. PayPal: online payment made via THIS LINK. (There will be a 3% merchant fee added to the payment.). EXAMPLE: total x .03= N then total + N= grand total for PayPal. Then follow the same process as above for online payments.

Current Fundraiser
Fan Cloth

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Community Rewards Program

Booster Club Membership

Become a member of the Celebrities Booster Club. Download the form and let us know in what areas you may be of help this year.

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